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Meet Glen

Glen Murdoch is one of the most watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in Australia. He is a former Teacher of the Year winner who is now impacting the lives of his students around the Globe. An author, his books include Life Design, So You Want to be a Life Coach, How Bcoming a Coach Changed My Life, The Personal Development Playbook, and Secret Entrepreneur Stuff.. He is the owner of 5 successful Businesses including Australia's #1 Life Coaching College. Over 5,000 people attended his classes in the last 12 months, more than 20,000 see his posts every week across the web, and 1,000-plus students have completed his live courses.. 


With Glen Murdoch

This is about taking the time for yourself to ask the questions and find the answers you never knew existed, but secretly longed for. Each of us lives life at the level we have been taught to experience. For some of us, this means that life is a daily experience of inspiration, joy and excitement. For others, it means a life of pain and bitter disappointment. Wherever you are right now, you can choose to experience another level by making different choices. Your Personal Coaching Program will show you how. This program is about giving you the insights, asking you the questions and allowing you to come up with your answers to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

A specially designed program aimed at 4 levels of Leaders to improve effectiveness and communication, identify style, boost rapport with teams and build resilience. The course has 4 separate packages, each has 7 one on one Coaching sessions developing key leadership skills including Team Building, Developing deep relationships, Understanding Human Behavior and Communication. All clients receive individual work books to complete in the sessions and keep as a valuable resource for future reference.

The Leader's Compass Programs

Emerging Leader

For new and emerging Leaders

  • Improve communication skills
  • Boost Rapport with Team
  • Develop Stronger Leadership
  • Build Leadership Resillience


 Rapid Change

Leaders undergoing rapid change

  • Build for Next Level of Leadership
  • Get Clear on drivers of success
  • Increase influence of your team
  • Build personal vision and goals


Improve Teams

Experienced leaders wanting to improve teams

  • Tools for Leadership
  • Deal with challenging behavious
  • Improve communication
  • Boost results and create positive change


High Perform

High performance Team Leaders

  • Accelerate Team Success
  • Improve Influence
  • Embed Coaching culture
  • Learn to celebrate success


Have you ever wondered how to create a Team where everyone pulled in the right direction? A Team where behaviors were excellent because the Culture and Values of the Team helped drive the individual members of the team to success. The HPT program helps to facilitate the creation of this very Team and then the knowledge of how to continue the growth of that Team through shared outcomes and minimum standards to achieve excellence.


with Glen Murdoch

In "So You Want To Be A Life Coach" Glen takes you on a complete journey of what is required to become a LIfe Coach today. In the last two decades Coaching has become one of the hottest trends to hit the business World and Personal Development field.

This book is written as an introduction to Coaching and delivers a substantial overview of topics as broad as, what Coaching is, how sessions are conducted, coaching packages, and what why the fuss about Niche​s?

Does it sometimes feel like you're living someone else's dreams- and not your own? Do you ever wonder how you've come to have the life that you're currently living? Have you ever dared to dream of a vision brighter than your current reality?

Packed full of tools and insights this book will help you hit the rest button and design the life you truly deserve! This book is filled the latest fascinating research into human behavioural theory and will transform forever how you see yourself and your ability to get what you really want from every day. ​

In this often raw account of a Journey to becoming a Coach, Glen and 15 of his students share a short story about their struggle to lead, inspire and transform their own lives and those of their clients. If you have even thought about becoming a Coach them this is definitely a great way to learn about the journey of those who went before you.

Free Download of Glens 7 Day E-Coach Course

7 Days to Extraordinary​